On this page you can find out about EAChO’s players, and hear in their own words what they love about playing with this unique ensemble.

East Anglia Chamber Orchestra

The orchestra’s personnel changes slightly from concert to concert. Our current members include:

Helen Medlock (leader)
Roz Chalmers
Katherine Collison
Jamie Foreman
Adele Fryers
Bruce Godfrey
Ros Hart
Mateja Kaluza
John Mascall
Sally Merson
Paul Minion
Debbie Saunders
Gabrielle Sutcliffe
Rupert Swarbrick
Julie Taylor
Hannah Mulholland
Andrew Ware
Sarah Williams

Sharon Brandon
Juliet Brien
Tricia Davies
Cath Davis
Sophie Kirk
Mathew Lee
Caughlin Ryder

Donald Bett
David Brandon
Helen Godfrey
Anna Jones
Philippa Jones
Naomi Yandell

double bass
Julian Brandon
Kate Merrington
Elaine Taylor

Sally Landymore
Zara Jealous

Janet Wrench
Rose Hilder
Chris Crosby

Heather Thorne
Beverley Filby

Graham Dolby
Laura Macleod
David Cott

Paul Ryder
Emma Lewis
Charlotte Blyth

Gavin Bowyer
Kate Goatman
Alex McLean

Neil George
Tom Yates
Chris Brown

Paul Farr

Mike Cole

“EAChO provides me with the desire to play at the top of my ability. Prestigious conductors, fabulous soloists, varied repertoire, and a strong nucleus of extremely capable, motivated players, creates an inspirational atmosphere. There is a warm, supportive ethos amongst the orchestral members and we all share a desire to provide concerts that will excite and impress audiences.”

- Helen Godfrey (cello)

“I feel very fortunate to be part of EAChO, and in particular the woodwind section, where there is a tremendous atmosphere of teamwork, mutual respect, friendship, fun and a shared sense of adventure. Of course [fellow clarinettist] Beverley and I have been friends and played together for many years, and each opportunity that we have to continue to do so is very special to me. It is worth putting all the time and effort into rehearsals and practice because the results will generate musical experiences that are unique, satisfying, and memorable. Stand-out concerts for me (out of many) include the Verdi Requiem with CUMS in Ely Cathedral (that piece in that venue was almost overwhelming!), the white-knuckle ride of the Mendelssohn Italian symphony in Thaxted, and the incredible intensity of Adrian Iliescu’s Sibelius Violin Concerto slow movement at West Road – an absolute privilege to be part of it.”

- Heather Thorne (principal clarinet)

“For me there’s something tremendously exciting about being part of a really good chamber orchestra like EAChO. There isn’t the sheer power of a symphony orchestra, but what you get in its place is a precision and feeling of being close to the action. I get a real buzz from being part of a group that can bring real poise and precision to such a wide range of music, from Mozart to Schoenberg.”

- Paul Minion (violin/viola)

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